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Gusty Weather App Privacy Policy


Effective Date: 26 October 2023


1. Data Collection

Gusty collects anonymized analytical data for the sole purpose of understanding how the app is used by its users. This data does not contain any specific information associated with individual users.


2. Purpose of Data Collection

The data collected is used exclusively for analytical purposes to enhance and improve the functionality and user experience of the Gusty weather app.


3. Third-Party Services

In addition to the previously mentioned third-party services, Gusty now includes advertisements served by AdMob, a Google service. AdMob may collect and use certain user data for advertising purposes. Please review Google's AdMob Privacy Policy for more information on their data collection and usage practices.


4. Data Retention

Gusty does not retain any data other than anonymized analytical data, which is retained for a reasonable period to support the app's analytical purposes.


5. User Consent

By using Gusty, you agree to the collection and use of anonymized analytical data as described in this privacy policy. Additionally, you consent to the collection of data by third-party ad providers, such as AdMob, for targeted advertising purposes. This consent is included in the terms of use of the app.


6. Security Measures

Gusty employs standard security measures to protect the collected data from unauthorized access or breaches.


7. Data Sharing

Gusty may share anonymized analytical data with third-party ad providers, such as AdMob, for the purpose of delivering targeted advertisements. These providers may collect and use certain user data to serve relevant ads. Please refer to the privacy policies of these ad providers for more details on their data practices.


8. User Rights

Since Gusty does not collect specific data associated with individual users, there are no specific user rights related to data access, correction, or deletion.


9. Updates

Any updates or changes to this privacy policy will be communicated to users through the app and on the Gusty website. Users are encouraged to periodically review the policy for any modifications.


10. Compliance

Gusty is committed to complying with applicable data protection laws and regulations, including but not limited to GDPR and CCPA.


11: Ad Personalization

AdMob: Gusty uses AdMob to display advertisements in the app. AdMob, as a third-party ad provider, may collect and use certain data, including but not limited to device information, location data, and user interests, to personalize ads displayed to users. This data is collected to serve more relevant ads and improve the overall ad experience. Users can manage ad personalization preferences through their device settings.


For more information or inquiries regarding this privacy policy, please contact us at

By using the Gusty weather app, you consent to the terms outlined in this privacy policy.

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